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Currently, many pages here have just the titles reviewed and links to the column where they are reviewed.  On each year's page,  you can find these titles by using copy/paste (in MSIE use right mouse button to get the copy/paste menue to work inside text boxes) to insert them in the search slot like the one below which is on each year's page for your convenience  -- then click the "Book Search" and you will find the page on where you can discover more about that book, or even order it if you want to. 

None of the links on this website will ever lead you into a situation where you're trapped into spending money.  And has their system set up so that you collect a "shopping cart" full of books you're interested in, and then look them over and take away any you don't want to buy.  You will NOT be charged by for anything until you see a final-final screen that lists the exact amounts including shipping that they will bill you.  Their secure server is as secure (or more so) than any business on the web -- but if that's not suitable for you, you can always use their 1-800# to order on your credit card. 


The column also mentions Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah and various occult nonfiction works because the Occult Sciences form the "science" in much of the "science fiction" and fantasy reviewed in this column. 

Recommended Books mentions only books that are well worth reading.  No book is ever panned.  Books not worth reading are simply not mentioned.  Of course, there are many hundreds of books as worthwhile as these that are not mentioned - for lack of space or lack of personal knowledge of them.  With time, we hope that other reviewers will come forward to create columns for the / section.  

Most of the books recommended on this website have a number of things in common.  Exceptions are noted in the reviews you can reach via the direct links or will take you to the complete list of reviews. 

1. Novels are mostly single or dual point of view -- with a few exceptions.  
2. Novels have positive endings where, if there are losses there is also some success. 
3. These novels ask or discuss questions involving deep, complex, and often perplexing philosophical issues.  But they are all fun to read.    No polemics, ax-grinding, hobby-horsing disguised as fiction ever seems worth re-reading to me. 
4. Nonfiction works mentioned are background for Jacqueline Lichtenberg's own science fiction/fantasy stories and novels, as well as references mentioned in her series of 6 nonfiction books on the Tarot, The Biblical Tarot, starting with "The Biblical Tarot: Never Cross A Palm With Silver" and Volume 2, "The Biblical Tarot: The Magic Of The Wands."
5. The novels selected here largely illustrate one or another attribute of the "New Genre" called Intimate Adventure described and defined in the first two columns done for The Monthly Aspectarian in March and April of 1993 .  Subsequently, it became easier and easier to discover novels of this type spread over a large number of genres.  All Intimate Adventure is Relationship driven, but not all Relationship stories are in fact Intimate Adventure.  A feminist version of the Intimate Adventure definition is posted at Rathorite's Retreat, and another version at Tecton Central.
6. Of course I write what I most like to read - and of my Sime~Gen Universe novels, Gerald Jonas of the New York Times wrote in the  January 23rd, 1983 New York Times Book Review:

"When I read the first novel in the Sime/Gen series - ''House of Zeor,'' published in 1974 - I had trouble deciding whether it was science fiction as pornography or science fiction as soap opera. On reading ''Channel's Destiny,'' the fifth and latest novel to draw on the Sime/Gen background, I realized that these books combine some of the qualities of both porn and the soaps - and, through a curious synergy, it is precisely this mix of genres that makes them so satisfying as science fiction."

You can find more New York Times reviews mentioning Jacqueline Lichtenberg at  

The full text of the reviews from which the recommendations on this website are drawn can be found in the 5 years of back issues on , or the current issues file at where you can read the full text of each month's magazine free - or on the Sime~Gen Webring, Rathorite's Retreat where there is a beginning of an index to back issues of the Recommended Books Column. 



Until I get the direct links installed here, you can find these titles by using copy/paste (in MSIE use right mouse button to get the copy/paste menue to work inside text boxes) to insert them in the search slot below -- then click Book Search and you will find the page where you can discover more about that book, or even order it if you want to.   To find books by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, such as the new Biblical Tarot series, search "Jacqueline Lichtenberg" below. logo

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