Wild Sorceress reviewed by Marge Robbins

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Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: RFI West
Publisher's Web Site: www.rfiwest.com
Publishing Format: HTML, PDF, MS Reader
ISBN: 1-58697-408-4 Price: $4.95 Author's Web site: http://members.aol.com/MLCVamp/vampcrpt.htm
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Sorceress Aetria of the training lodge of Inhestia is going off to war by rejoining the Sorcerer Corps of the Delmathian army. She is in command of a company of Novices who have never been in combat. The Delmathians and the Hermanians have long been at war, a war fought both with conventional weapons and magic. This alone makes the tale an intriguing one.

Aetria's unit is picked up by Adept Commander Pleates, nicknamed the Crusher, who is not Aetria's favorite adept. She would prefer to serve under almost anyone but him. Four years ago, while serving under him, Aetria had suffered grid burnout while casting a massive spell of illusion. This forced her to return to Inhestia for a time. Now Pleates is behaving as though he has grave doubts about her abilites.

As the story progresses Aetria is faced with the challenge of further training and indoctrinating into army life the Novices. She also must cope with the realization that her grid burnout has left her with a magical ability that if known to her commander would get her into trouble and force her retirement as a Sorceress.

The authors of Wild Sorceress have created a believable world that is remarkable for its depth of detail on the history and culture of the peoples at war. It's a tale of magic, intrigue and enough plot twists and turns to keep even the most jaded reader of the genre spellbound and unable to put the book down until the very end. I heartily recommend this to fantasy lovers everywhere.

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