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December 2002 

Jean Lorrah's Blood Will Tell to be Trade Published

Blood Will Tell, Jean Lorrah's e-book which won the Lord Ruthven Assembly Award as best vampire novel of 2001, has been contracted by a new small press, Ben Bella Books .  That means physical books will be available in brick and mortar bookstores, although as BenBella is new and small it will probably be specialty stores and not Wal-Mart.  The book will have new cover art, and author and publisher are currently working on a promotion scheme.  It should be available toward the end of 2002.

Blood Will Tell will continue to be published in e-book form by Awe-Struck E-books , its original publisher, but the print-on-demand version will be withdrawn in October.

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March 2002 

***Jean Lorrah's BLOOD WILL TELL wins literary award***

Each year the Lord Ruthven Assembly gives awards for the best fiction and
nonfiction works on the subject of vampires. The winners for the year 2001 are:

Fiction: BLOOD WILL TELL by Jean Lorrah

Non-fiction: FOOD FOR THE DEAD by Michel E. Bell

There were over 150 vampire novels published in 2001, including new books
by Anne Rice and P. N. Elrod.  The Lord Ruthven Assembly is the group of
scholars of vampire literature and lore who meet every year in association
with the International Conference on the Fantastic.

Jean reports, "I wasn't expecting the honor, and didn't even know my book
was being considered.  It's always exciting to win an award, and this one
comes from people who  really deeply study vampire literature, so it means a
great deal to me."

Jean Lorrah is co-owner with Jacqueline Lichtenberg of and
Sime~Gen Inc.  You can find out more about her work at 


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