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Available from: Kerwin Schaefer, email - - snail: c/o Ambrov Zeor, PO Box 1244, Murray KY 42071-1244
AMBROV ZEOR - contains stories, articles, letters, artwork, etc., by fans, dealing with the Sime~Gen books. Individual issues listed below. Postage is included, as of the 2002 postal rate increases.

____ $7.00 AZ#1,2,3 - Combined reprint of first three issues.
____ $7.00 AZ#4, Reprint - Two S~G stories by Jacqueline.
____ $8.00 AZ#5, Reprint - Has Tigue and Farris family trees, plus an article on the Starred Cross.
____ $6.00 AZ#6 - “Operation High Time” by Jacqueline, story by Marcia Ristow.
____ $7.50 AZ#7, Reprint - Contains the first part of “Sime Surgeon,” an early draft of Unto Zeor, Forever.
____ $6.00 AZ#8 - Contains the second part of “Sime Surgeon.”
____ $6.00 AZ#9 - Contains the third part of “Sime Surgeon.”
____ $6.00 AZ#10 - Thesis paper by Mary McCoy on S~G genetics and sociology. (Limited number of copies available.)
____ $6.00 AZ#11 - Contains the fourth part of “Sime Surgeon.”
____ $6.00 AZ#12 - Conclusion of “Sime Surgeon.”
____ $6.00 AZ#13 - Fiction by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer, Mary Frances Zambreno, & others.
____ $6.00 AZ#14 - Fiction by Deborah Laymon, Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer & others. Poetry.
____ $6.00 AZ#15 - Fiction by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer & Mary Lou Mendum.
____ $7.00 AZ#16 - Fiction by Linda Harter, Marge Robbins, & Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer.
____ $8.00 AZ#17 - Fiction by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer, Kier Neustaedter, article on First Channel, with excerpts of early draft and letters from JL & Jean about various aspects of FCh.
____ $7.00 AZ#18 - Fiction by Shoshanna Green, Tracy Ann Murray, Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer. Non-S~G story by JL. Conclusion of FCh article.
____ $8.00 AZ#19 - Fiction by Mary Lou Mendum, Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer, & Tracy Ann Murray.
____ $7.00 AZ#20 - Fiction by Lisa Calhoun. Non-S~G story by JL.
____ $7.00 AZ#21 - Fiction by Tracy Ann Murray & Cheryl Wolverton.
____ $10.50 AZ#22 - Fiction by Mary Lou Mendum.
____ $11.00 AZ#23 - Fiction by Cindy Coffman & Cheryl Wolverton.
____ $11.00 AZ#24 - Fiction by Mary Lou Mendum. Round Robin.
____ $11.00 AZ-CZ Special Edition #1 - Icy Nager by Andrea Alton.
____ $11.00 AZ-CZ Special Edition #2 - The Only Good Sime by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer.
____ $18.00 AZ-CZ Special Edition #3 - House of Zeor reprint by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.
____ $11.00 AZ-CZ Special Edition #4 - A Shift of Means by Mary Lou Mendum.
____ $11.00 AZ-CZ Special Edition #5 - My Life Is My Own by Cherri Muñoz.
____ $5.00 THE SIME~GEN SONGBOOK, Expanded Edition - a collection of S~G songs, including music. Some serious, some just for fun.
____ $3.50 “Channel's Exemption,” a S~G story by JL which first appeared in Galileo 4, is now available in the form of a mimeographed copy.
____ $6.00 POSTSYNDROME - a special-issue zine dealing with sexuality in the S~G universe. Contents include round robins, letters, and articles on several aspects of the subject. Please note that while this zine is in no way pornographic, it deals in part with homosexuality. If you find this topic offensive, do not order.
$________ TOTAL (Please print a copy of this form and send it to Kerwin Schaefer address at top - Make checks for Total payable to him.)
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*** Please note that cover prices on older issues are somewhat lower than the above-listed prices, due to rising postage.
*** Outside the United States, please add 20% additional. Check with Karen by email first.
Copies of Companion in Zeor (CZ), Zeor Forum (ZF), and Householding Chanel Inquirer (HCI) may be ordered from:
Karen MacLeod, c/o Sime~Gen, Inc., PO Box 1244, Murray KY 42071-1244

How to Get A Companion in Zeor On Paper
An Official Sime~Gen™ Fanzine

Fanzines are not professional publications. They are mimeo'd and stapled, or at best xeroxed and stapled, or posted to the web. Those who work on fanzines put their own money into producing them, and are never paid back in money – so if you find something you like, you must send them your praise if you want more. Our fanzine stories that have been posted to the web have all been vigorously edited by professionals.

All copyrights to Sime~Gen™ materials are Registered with the U.S. copyright office: All Rights Reserved to Sime~Gen Inc.
Edited by Karen MacLeod.

A Companion in Zeor is a print fanzine dedicated to the writings of Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Our purpose is to let the fans comment and write on her various Universe creations. We accept contributions based on any and all Lichtenberg novels, not limited to Sime~Gen. Written contributions of all types, book and record reviews, convention reports and any item of interest, as well as orders for issues, or any artwork should be sent to: Karen MacLeod. Guidelines for submission are at:

A COMPANION IN ZEOR is on the Web. This includes new material and selected articles from the printed fanzines.

ISSUE AVAILABILITY – All of the below listed issues are in current supply. Issues not listed are out of print and no longer available. Fanzine orders will be filled by conventional mail only. All prices include postage and mailer costs. Print out this form and send it with your order and check or money order to: Karen MacLeod c/o Sime~Gen, Inc., PO Box 1244, Murray KY 42071-1244.
Be sure to include two stamped envelopes for Jean or Jacqueline to forward to Karen and for Karen to notify if your order is out of print.
1 – (6/78) $6.00 – (second reprint) includes articles from Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline, convention reports, poetry, songs, commentary on “The Channel's Exemption,” book reviews, more.
3 – $6.00 – (first reprint) Round Robin, Reviews “Better Householdings and Gardens.”
6 – $7.00 – Stories by Deborah Laymon and Jean Airey, interview with James Doohan.
7 – (8/81) $7.00 – Continuation of the Distect Isles legends, usual features, report on outlying Householdings' crime wave, stories, more. 70 pages.
9 – (11/87) $7.00 – Stories, Jacqueline on DUSHAU, Dr. Who cross-universe piece.
11 – (11/94) $8.00 – Story by Andrea Alton, poetry by Rhonda Marsh, Gail Barton, Lynn Gibbs, cartoons by Donell Meadows, information on “Church of the Purity,” with a piece by Jacqueline and much more. 60 Pages.
12 – (1997-98) $6.00 – CD Rom, $8.00 in paper – Stories by Mary Lou Mendum and Cheryl Wolverton, online discussions from our listserves, an early draft of an Andrea Alton “Icy Nager” story. More. Available also on the CZ website.
13 – (1998-2000) $8.00 on paper – Stories by Doreen DaBinett, Mary Lou Mendum, John Cowan. More. Also available on the CZ website.

Subsequent issues are available on the web. Each will be eventually available in paper. Check the website first.

FANZINES ON TAPE FOR THE BLIND – 4-track Library of Congress format . (Not playable on standard equipment.) For information send S.A.S.E. to Karen MacLeod c/o Sime~Gen, Inc., PO Box 1244, Murray KY 42071-1244 or email Karen MacLeod at: . Allow time for forwarding.

For back issues of Ambrov Zeor, Postsyndrome, Sime~Gen Songbook, or AZ-CZ Special Editions contact Kerwin Schaefer – (See previous listing.)

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