First Lifewave Series
Theme, and Technical, and Commercial 


Thematic Background

 The overall theme of this series is Power.

The series starts as personal power over other individuals, rapidly progresses to political power over civilizations and the course of history, attempts the resolution of abdication of power - leaving a mess for others to clean up.  then it becomes prgressively more involved with occult power, a power over the basic structure of reality. The exercise of that power requires the massive sacrifice of life, and an entire group-entity or school of thought, the Mautri.

This direction is evident in Molt Brother -  First Lifewave #1.  The story unfolds on two levels - "now" and "billions of years ago" - showing how the predicaments of this incarnation have their roots in the mitakes made in prior incarnations.

Thematically, this is following a current occult theory that many humans now on this planet had incarnations of consequence in Atlantean times, and are reincarnated now because we have once again reached a level of technology where the exercise of our power can destroy our world.  

We must do right this time what we did wrong that time.  So must this group of characters in the Kren Series -- Zref, Arshel, Skanqwin, Khelin, Ley and the five siblings hatched of Khelin and Arshel, plus two incarnations of Sudeen, Zref's first bhirhir.




Technical Background

This is a hybrid-genre involving the elements that have made televised Star Trek famous -- the interstellar culture of multiple species where deep and involved friendships and life-partnerships can occur across species lines -- plus the elements that have made many epic fantasy series most successful -- the long chronological timeline and reincarnation allow for flashback sequences such as used in Forever Knight, Highlander The Series, Relic Hunter, Queen of Swords, and other series about immortals.  

This mixture of hard science, fantasy elements and the Relationship Driven Storyline has become the single most popular genre in e-publishing, and should persist into webcasting.  

The two major premises of the Lifewave Novels are:
1. The Interface whose brain is wired into a massive computer network so he can think and create with the data in the comnet of an interstellar society as if it were the learned store of his own experience or the impressions stored in his own subconscious
2. the Mautri School famous for its training of espers as well as other esoteric functions such as reading past lives.

One is a science premise with occult overtones, and the other is an occult premise with scientific overtones.  The two weave together on a collision course, just as the first volume, Molt Brother is composed of two story threads on a collision course.

A great deal of detail about the philosophical teachings of Mautri can be presented.  It is derived from existing, standard occult principles the way sf derives concepts from standard science.  



Commercial Background 

The two published and available Books by Jacqueline Lichtenberg Lifewave novels have been deemed by webcast development professionals to be suitable for a weekly live-actor/animation series.  

For an example of the kind of writing that can fit material such as the Lifewave novels into the webcasting platform, see the stage plays aimed at school and little theater productions by Cheryl Ann Costa.  Costa is also a current radio professional who knows how valuable a targetted audience is to advertisers.   

Costa has now optioned the Lifewave Universe to create new one-act plays with a tight story arc and original characters set in the Lifewave Universe.  

There can be movies or serials based in between the First and Second Lifewave as various incarnations of these same characters work off karmic debts.  

There can be a number of series based in the Second Lifewave that may directly involve the key players who are moving history in these periods.  

If you read the printed novels, keep in mind that all of this was envisioned in the late 1970's and written in the early 1980's, so it is necessary to update many details.  At one point in City of a Million Legends, for example, one of the characters on a space ship grabs a pad of paper and begins to write.  It should be an electronic pda.  





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