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What is a "Lifewave"?

When the galaxy was young, a civilization grew and flowed outwards to occupy the entire galaxy.

This civilization, later known as the First Lifewave,  included many species, and unleashed such scientific and artistic creativity that the remains of their engineering feats are too big to be spotted by those inhabiting the galaxy today.  Even trained galactic archeologists very often fail to see such remains because of the size.  Or sometimes, the remains have been buried deep in a planet's mantle by the natural churning of the rock.  

This "First Lifewave" that splashed up on the shores of our galaxy, likewise ebbed.  It destroyed itself through the usual hubris and greed, and a few unique twists on Earth's most popular themes.  Within a few brief centuries, it had disappeared.  Perhaps their DNA survived -- perhaps not.  As the galaxy spun on its axis, new life evolved, flourished, and wholly new species conquered space, and began the Second Lifewave.  

How did the First Lifewave die?  The xenologists of the Second Lifewave, a vast and growing multiplex civilization of many species now exploding to occupy the entire galaxy, want to know what could kill a civilization so big, so old, so powerful, so awesome their relics are incomprehensible.  

If they find out, will that spell the end of the Second Lifewave?  

Are the people who are driven to ferret out these Ancient Secrets really the reincarnations of those few who brought down the First Lifewave?  Or have they been "possessed" by some discarnate Spirits lingering through the eons?  Or are they simply insane?  Or all of the above?

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Read about new discoveries regarding the age of the Universe - now set at 13.7 Billion years, with stars igniting at around 200 million years.  See the NASA site with information.  

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