First Lifewave Book 6

Unwritten -- the finished product may bear no resemblance to this sketch


The six siblings discover that locking the Comnet Entity away just won't do.  It breaks out again, wreaking havoc among souls incarnated as members of widely varying species.  Losing the battle, the decision is made that the Entity must be finally dissipated.  

This requires the sacrifice of the entire order of Mautri alive at the time -- a vast, highly trained group mind raising a huge amount of power, straddling the laws of physics and the laws of spirit.  And the result is very likely to leave "reality" changed in unpredictable ways.  Perhaps this will be the end of the Second Lifewave -- perhaps there will never be a Third Lifewave in this galaxy because of this.

Should they do this?  Must they?  Can they?  Will they?  What does the Entity have to say about it - if anything?  








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