First Lifewave Book #5

Unwritten and thus the Summary may bear no resemblance to the finished product


As the six siblings rise in the heirarchy of the Mautri School in the city of Firestrip on the planet Camiat, the Comnet Entity (With a Zref-like personality) once more makes contact.  It becomes a true menace to interstellar civilization - in sane with rage against those who would deny it access to the plane of reality it remembers.

The six siblings band together to battle the entity and lock it away once mroe -- this time behind barriers they now have learned how to build and guard, destroying all the portals into "reality."

In triumph, they feel they have paid their karmic debt to Zref -- for he would never wish to be a menace or a threat to any galactic civilization.  

By this time, they have begun to retrieve enough of their own First Lifewave lives that they know they were all helped by Zref during those incarnations and are now incarnated to finish what Zref started -- to free the Second Lifewave from the onus of the mistakes made during the First Lifewave.  








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