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Are you interested in media fanzines? Send e-mail to

Empire Books.

Or you can go the traditional fannish route. S.A.S.E. stands for Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope sent by snailmail, and it is your entree to fandom. Without it, most fannish editors will not answer you. If you are sending a S.A.S.E. to a country other than your own, instead of a stamp include an I.R.C., an International Reply Coupon that you buy at your local post office. It allows the editor to reply to you by air mail.

Send a S.A.S.E. to
Empire Books
P. O. Box 625
Murray, KY 42071-0625

for information on Star Trek, Blake's 7, Alien Nation, and X-Files fanzines.

FULL MOON RISING, the sexy Sarek and Amanda collection, is back in print after all these years!

Send an e-mail query for further information.

To the Fullest X-Tent

#1 and #2

For information on Spockanalia, the very first Star Trek fanzine, send a S.A.S.E. to
Poison Pen Press
627 East 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Jean Lorrah's early fannish stories, like "Visit to a Weird Planet," appeared in Spockanalia, which has been kept in print now for over thirty years.

For fanzines in a wide variety of fannish universes, visit the Agent With Style website.

For information on a monthly snailmail list of dozens of fanzines in every fannish universe, send a S.A.S.E. by snailmail to

Lynda K. Roper
P. O. Box 34922
Richmond, VA 23234

For information on every imaginable fandom, zines, clubs, collectables, etc., visit Fandata.

Be sure to tell any editor you contact that you read about her on Jean Lorrah's web page!

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