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Judy Segal Says: "The contents of this volume have been gleaned from the pages of Kraith Collected, Volumes 1 through 4, and from several other stories included in the later collections. In addition, conversations with the originator of Kraith--Jacqueline Lichtenberg--have enabled me to include some ideas that have not yet found their way into print. Unless otherwise credited, all the ideas, words, and interpretations presented here are original with Kraith."  Read here.

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Authorís Foreword ----------------------------------- 2

Editorís Foreword ----------------------------------- 1
by Carol Lynn

Open Letter ---------------------------------------- 2

PART I: Character Development

The Kirk/Spock Relationship -(not "slash")------------ 3

The Spock/TíAniyeh Relationship --------------- 4

The Ssarsun Biography ------------------------- 5

PART II: Background -- Theoretical

In Defense of TíYuzeti ------------------------ 8

The Vulcan Realms ----------------------------- 14

A Trisomic Model for Kataytikhe Genetics ------- 15
by John Benson

Beads and Rattles ------------------------------ 17

Vulcanur Sememics ------------------------------ 18

PART III: Background -- Story Detail

The Culling Flame ------------------------------ 26

The Joys of Vulcan ----------------------------- 27

Humor ------------------------------------- 28

Celebration ------------------------------- 30

PART IV: Story Outlines

The Linger Death ------------------------------- 32

The Lesson ------------------------------------- 33

PART V: Kraith Exchange

The Letter File -------------------------------- 35

Kraith Creators Roster ------------------------- 38

Recommended Reading ---------------------------- 34

Unless otherwise indicated the author is Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

Read a pdf file of Surak's Construct, Jacqueline Lichtenberg's "non-fiction" article on Vulcan Culture in Seldon's Plan Newsletter. 


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