Elizabeth Caldwell

In 1996, Elizabeth Caldwell made her Writing Debut with a non fiction book called "Teenagers! A Bewildered Parentís Guide".   Itís an instructional referral/handbook to help teens and parents understand each other.

Ms. Caldwell taught seminars at Lakeland Community College, Lakeland, OH, with parents and teens so that parents and teens could learn how to get along with each other.

Before 1996, Elizabeth wrote an instructional manual for temporaries. Titled, "Temporarily Speaking", Ms. Caldwell, herself a Professional Temporary for ten years, shows and tells how a person can become a successful temporary in the administrative and clerical fields. (Never published)

Since 1996, Ms. Caldwell has written a play about abortion; T.L. (The Lord - never published), sci-fi and fantasy stories; in the process of being submitted, and a work-in-progress; Sacred Honor, an alternate history set against the early stages of the American Revolution.

Another passion of Elizabeth Caldwell is history. When she was a teen, Elizabeth read two authors who opened up her mind; Kenneth Roberts (The American Revolution) and Bruce Catton (Civil War). Since then Ms. Caldwell has expanded her repertoire to include: Gore Vidal, E.S. Forester, Bernard Cornwell, Patrick OíBrien, C. Northcote Parkinson, and Captain Marryat, to name a few.

Ms. Caldwell has always been a story teller, creating colorful characters and inventing backgrounds to put them in. She gets that from her father, David Caldwell, who use to tell bed-time stories concerning Sam, the Wolf.

Sam eventually got to the moon way before NASA did, and one day, maybe Sam will even get to Mars and beyond with Elizabethís imagination.

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