Andrea Alton

     I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, the only daughter of hardworking, honest, intelligent parents. I went to school at the age of  five and by the time I was once again a free agent I'd acquired a degree  in Special Education for the Maladjusted Child. It took two weeks of  working in the school system, to harden a long time suspicion that I was never going to enjoy being a member of America's nine to five work  force.  

   Sometime after graduation, I became aquainted with Jacqueline Lichtenberg who was the first person in my life to encourage me in my 
writing. She fanned the smoldering embers of a passion I didn't even know existed until it came roaring out of the hidden places, starved for far too long and demanding to be fed. Which I have done my best to do. 

   I've been from Florida to California, worked at a number of somewhat unusual occupations, been married, divorced, and published. I and my 
two cats are now happily ensconced in Colorado where there are wonderful scenic vistas which will be cropping up in future novels.     




Non Pro

Companion In Zeor CZ -- #11 "Neighbor for Dinner" 1994  CZ -- #10 "Diversionary Tactic" 1990  CZ -- #9 "Dunbren" 1987  CZ -- #8 "Partners" 1984 and "Somerset News Articles"  CZ -- #7 "Lunch at Crocker Householding" (with recipes) 1981


Novel Length Fan Fiction 

Icy Nager  
A Sime~Gen novel, the fanzine version. On line here.

Zeor Forum ZF -- #4 "A Matter of Communication" 1982  ZF -- #5 "Opening Doors" and Convention report on "Denvention" (WorldCon)'81



Demon of Undoing  a S.F. novel, originally published by Baen, can still be found through the web.
here to Google it.

 ST: Deep Space Nine. 
February 1994 
I sold a story idea  'What happens to the old Klingon warriors when, having signed a treaty with the Federation, it is no longer permissible for them to go out and harass the Earthers'?
   They used nine lines from my original script in the aired episode, which has never happened to another neo writer, before. This episode came to be called "Blood Oath". 

Ghost Frequency  A supernatural 
woman in jeopardy novel.

   Galactic Clam
A S.F. novel.

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